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Commander's Message

Updated: Apr 23

Welcome to the 2023-2024 Legion Year ... our Post's Charter Centennial!  We would like to extend a warmest welcome to our newest members.  We hope you find Post 216 to be your home away from home.  To our renewing members, thank you for continued membership and service we greatly appreciate you. 

Our priorities as your Post are: Continuing Membership Growth, Continuing Our Community Service and Engagement, Start to Support Our Youth by Sponsoring a Boys Scout Chapter, Start an Auxiliary Unit and A Sons of The American Legion Chapter, Refurbish the Legion Hall, and Securing a Vibrant Future. 


A major factor in our Post revitalization program is membership. It takes active members to operate a Post. And, it takes an active Post to draw new members and to motivate members to spend time at the Post. We have a great site and we are determined to make it as inviting, friendly, and a “go to” place for not only our members, but local veterans. These are not just words, they are what we, as American Legionnaires are committed to do.​

Thanks to a revamped website we have been able to get information out to our Legionnaires at a faster pace.  Now you can refer a new member by just pointing them to

Our members are leading and involved in community service projects.  We need to continue to foster and facilitate members who wish to contribute to service and important American Legion Programs like Boys - Girls State, the School Awards Program, and High School JROTC support.

In this past year a lot has happened at our Post.  We have been working really hard on modernizing our operation and improving our business practices to make sure we are running a tight unit that reflects the scope and scale of our organization.  Change is challenging and sometimes slow, but we must be properly structured and organized and ready to meet our obligations to our members today, tomorrow, and for years to come.   

Corona American Legion's Post 216 Commander, Adrian Yates

More designs and renovations are on the way to refresh and restore our beautiful and historic building that was built in 1929 with the hands and sweat of those that have served as Commanders and leaders of this Post.  We must never forget our patriotic obligation to remember those we have lost and to mark in remembrance the events that have shaped our country’s history in combat.

We hope you join us as we start our next century in our Post legacy.

For God and Country,


Adrian Yates

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