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Corona American Legion Post 216 | Veteran's Organization | Corona, CA | Southern California

William H. Jameson, Jr.
American Legion Post #216

Established in 1923, we are Corona's oldest active Post, located in the historic Inner Circle.

For God and Country.

About Us

Founded in 1919, the American Legion stands as the U.S.'s largest patriotic veterans organization. Established in 1923, Post #216 champions community support through sponsoring local youth sports, volunteering, and bolstering high school JROTC programs in Corona. We are actively involved in numerous community events, reflecting a commitment to local well-being. As a significant, nonpartisan advocate for veterans, Post #216's influence reaches from the grassroots to national levels. Our post thrives on active membership, participation, and volunteerism, dedicated to serving veterans, their families, and the broader Corona community.


If you have served at least one day of federal active duty during any qualifying period, you are eligible for membership.

Open to grandmothers, mothers, sisters, and male and female spouses of US veterans and servicemembers.

All male descendants, adopted sons, and stepsons of members of the American Legion veterans who died in service.

Provides support for service officers, disabled veterans, and families in crisis. Must be registered motorcycle owners.

If you have served federal active duty in the United States Armed Forces since December 7, 1941, and have been honorably discharged or are still serving - you are eligible for membership in The American Legion! To join, you can sign up online using the link provided below, or you can visit us in person, and we will assist you in filling out a form. Post 216 is starting recruitment for the Auxiliary and Sons of the American Legion.

*Because eligibility dates remain open, all active duty members of the U.S. Armed Forces are eligible to join The American Legion at this time, until the date of the end of hostilities as determined by the government of the United States.

**U.S. Merchant Marine eligible only from December 7, 1941 to December 31, 1946 (WWII).

News & Updates

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William H. Jameson, Jr. Corona American Legion Post 216 | Veterans Organizations in Corona CA | California | Military Vets
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